How it works

The innovative technology behind Oxygenics® is based on the Venturi Principle. As water enters the base of the showerhead, it is accelerated by a small turbine into the mouth of the venturi where the velocity of the water flow in increased. Oxygen is infused into the water to plump up the drops and increase the volume of the spray The result? A drenching shower with a range of sensations – from a soft relaxing spray to a deep, therapeutic massage to everything in between. For one third of the water.


The Power Shower

Our showerheads work in a revolutionary, remarkable way. There is no other showerhead on the market that uses our patented Oxygenics® technology, and no other showerhead is able to give you the same results.

The innovative technology behind Oxygenics® is based on the Venturi Principle. As water enters the base of the showerhead, it is propelled through an accelerator fin to increase the pressure, and then through a Venturi throat it is accelerated. Oxygen is drawn through small inlets in the shower face and infused into the water for a spa experience which you skin will drink in.

Enjoy phenomenal coverage and a continuous range of sensations – from a soft relaxing spray to a deep, therapeutic massage and everything in between.


Delrin® Keeps It Clean

Impervious to calcium, sediments or deposits of any kind, Oxygenics@reg; showerheads feature internal components made of non-stick Delrin. Nothing sticks to it, not calcium or magnesium. It’s impervious to hard water or soft and it’s one of the secrets of Oxygenics’ success.

No more clogged showers, no maintenance and nothing else to do but enjoy a clean spray every time you have a shower, until you’re too old to have one.


To Give Your Skin A Spa, Simply Add Oxygen

As the human body ages, levels of oxygen start to diminish, especially in the skin, breaking down collagen and elastin. Oxygenics® showerheads are designed to rejuvenate your skin.

We know that oxygen is good for us. It is the second largest component of the earth’s atmosphere. Life on earth depends upon it for survival.

Oxygen is a critical and sometimes overlooked component in water. The Oxygenics system uses patented technology to continually infuse air into the shower water, creating a powerful oxygenated spray. In fact, Oxygenics can increase oxygen content in your water by up to 10 times. The skin is the largest organ in the body. It breathes, and when oxygen comes into contact with it, the skin will absorb the necessary oxygen it needs. No wonder health and beauty experts praise this showerhead for its health-enhancing ability to revitalize the skin and rejuvenate skin cells.



Elegant Engineering

QUICK FACT: Water described as “hard” is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. The mineral buildup on fixtures diminishes performance and lifespan. However, Oxygenics is clog-proof and maintenance-free.

You can’t judge a book by its cover, but you can see that Oxygenics is as beautiful on the outside as it is smart on the inside. Fluid dynamics is a simple and smart solution to low-flow showerhead challenges.

Manufacture is just as meticulous. Each showerhead is carefully put through a multi-step process to create a one-of-a-kind product that will maintain its like-new appearance for years to come and work just as well then as the day you got it.

Our showerheads are available in multiple finishes, and provide the strength, toughness and beauty that ensure a long life and many satisfying showers.

Not only will Oxygenics give you one of the best showers you’ve ever had, it will also be the last showerhead you will ever need to buy.Please note that we cannot offer refunds or exchanges once the product has been opened or used and all claims must be within 30 days of purchase with a requirement for proof of purchase


Best of Both Worlds

Flow restrictors have been placed in the bases of showerheads by manufacturers as a way to keep the water flow at 2.5GPM. This method of water restriction significantly decreased water pressure and left people with unsatisfactory shower performance. It didn’t take long for shower users to figure out a solution – pull out the restrictor and continue wasting large amounts of water.

To this day, virtually every showerhead manufacturer employs the use of a removable flow restrictor to continually supply 2.5 gallons per minute regardless of the water pressure.

Oxygenics showerheads do the opposite and contain no removable restrictors. The patented self-pressurizing technology built within each showerhead has the ability to adapt to the incoming water pressure, and use only what is necessary to give an extremely enjoyable shower.

Our 2.5GPM models have a flow of 1.75 gallons per minute at 50PSI, offering a 30% water savings from the industry-standard 2.5 gallons per minute showerheads. Several of our models are available in 2.0GPM and 1.5GPM for maximum water savings. Not only is this savings significant in reducing water consumption, but it also reduces energy costs as less hot water is used.


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