We have two oxygenics showerheads and they are nothing short of extraordinary. We replaced some so-called low pressure showerheads that were given to us by our local water company and we don’t regret it at all. But the BEST thing about them is that my 9 year old son, who never wanted to take a shower before, now – he loves it so much I can’t get him out of the shower!! Thank you Oxygenics for an amazing product!

Dr K. Vertesi, Toronto

Hello, your shower heads are the best that we have ever seen and find them extremely easy on water consumption. We have our own water supply well here and are careful of the amount of water we use. Your shower head saves us quite a lot of water over the year. They are excellent in construction. They are invigorating when used.

John Fuller Hon.Kt.Brit., London, ON

I just wanted to let you know that we ABSOLUTELY love love love the new Oxygenics product we recently purchased. We bought it thinking that it would be a great way to help save on our water bill but had no idea how much we would end up loving the quality of the shower itself. It certain doesn’t feel like a water efficent shower head but we noticed a great saving on our water bill already. We’ve had several family members stay overnight since we installed it and everytime someone uses our shower we get told that the shower is AWESOME what is it and how can they get one as well. Thank you for making a great product that is not only good for the enviroment, saves money on water and water heating costs but also provides a wonderful luxurious shower experience.

Laurie M, from Toronto

Hey Andre, I got my BodySpa showerhead and installed it in my main bath to try it out before installing it in my fifth wheel come Spring time. I am “Totally Amazed” by its performance and the pressure that it generates. I can turn the taps 1/3 of the way and still get great pressure. The rest of my family are equally impressed and I fully expect to be ordering another “more residential” style of showerhead when it is time to move this one to the fifth wheel.

Thanks, Bob

Stanford University

Our experience with the ETLXL600 has been fantastic! We chose your product after testing a variety of showerheads and found the ETL model delivered a superior performance to all others. One thing in particular that we noticed was the ETL showerhead is designed without a typical restrictor, which students try to remove. Other models that use restrictors don’t match this feature. In the end, your showerhead gives such a great performance that our customers aren’t even thinking about how to get more water from the showerhead, reducing vandalism and maintenance.

The annual water savings we documented from the Undergraduate Residence project exceeds 12 million gallons. We are expecting another 14 million gallons from our Graduate Housing project which we have just completed. From a financial perspective, the payback on both projects was less than a year including water and sewer savings.

Robert Kolar, Energy Coordinator of Student Housing
Stanford University

MGM Grand

Installing these uniquely powerful showerheads wasn’t a gamble at all, but it sure has had a big payback. We installed more than 4,500 of these water-efficient showerheads four years ago, and we haven’t had a single complaint regarding the low flow or pressure since. In fact, we received a number of inquiries from guests wishing to purchase these showerheads for their homes, family and friends.

Fritz Brunner, Former Vice President of Property Maintenance for the MGM Grand, Las Vegas

Hilton Hotel

¦ the Oxygenics technology is pleasing to our guests and a substantial energy-saver.

Jim Hartigan, Vice President of Quality Assurance/Guest Assistance for Hilton Hotel Corporation