Oxygenics Low Pressure High Flow Shower Heads

You can enjoy a strong, satisfying shower and give your skin a spa treatment all while using a water saving shower head.
With an array of designs and finishes, there’s an Oxygenics
showerhead to match your style and budget.

Oxygenics® showerheads are the most powerful water saving shower heads available. You don’t have to give up water pressure
when using our shower heads. Oxygenics® is committed to delivering you a high pressure shower head and a low flow shower head in one, bringing you the best shower possible while reducing your carbon footprint.

Oxygenics® Patented Technology Offers Low Flow and High Pressure!

Oxygenics® showerheads do not use common flow restrictors and are not like typical low flow shower heads. Patented new technology, smart engineering and the magic of fluid dynamics turbo-charge the water coming from our shower heads to generate a high pressure drenching spray. This was once only achievable through water wasting full-flow showerheads. Times have changed! Not only can you get the high pressure shower head you desire, but to make your shower experience even more relaxing, Oxygenics® showerheads oxygenate the water, making every shower you take feel like a real spa experience.

Get More From Your Shower,
Using Less Water.

Oxygenics® generates the most use from the least water. You can have your daily power shower without having any of the compromises associated with a standard low flow shower head. With our shower heads, you can take your time in the shower and still have enough hot water in the tank for your entire family. All the while, you can rest assured you’re being environmentally friendly. So your whole family will be clean and green in the 21st Century.

Oxygenics Water Saving